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The Trip To Grama's House - Have taken on a new meaning !

Las Vegas Youth Have Been Helping The Visiting Youth !

Thanks for the support, we still are in the contest, second round !

Your Votes is still needed Please Go to this page site to Vote for us click it go down the page to where it said VOTE FOR US !

Thank You !

At Risk Youth Advance To Round 2

Moving on to the second round Las Vegas Disadvantaged Youth Needs Your Help Las Vegas Disadvantaged youth in need of your help !"Little Visitors of Vegas Inc"Our Youth Organization is well known online,But, We need more advertising what we need is a commercial !Here's our chance all it takes is a vote or two from you Go here to vote: Help Us To Help Others' We've been helping out our community by giving back,Last Year we collected boxes of Food for : "The Las Vegas Rescue Mission " To Help Feed The Homeless here in Las Vegas . We also worked with the Board of Education to collect the food . This year we will be helping out the Children Heart Foundation . The " Little Visitors of Vegas Inc." loves the Las Vegas community and offers its support to well-deserving non-profit organizations whenever possible. At this time we are donating $1 from every tour sale to the Children’s Heart Foundation in Las Vegas. Now We Need Your Help! All it takes is a Vote !

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