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The " Little Visitors of Vegas Inc."
 Las Vegas 1st. Youth Orientated Sightseeing,Excursions, and Tour Service. We love the Las Vegas community and offers its support to well-deserving non-profit organizations whenever possible. At this time we are donating $1 from every tour sale to the:
" Children’s Heart Foundation "
 in Las Vegas. Here’s a little more about this exceptional organization.
Little Visitors of Vegas will be hosting a Food Drive again this year. Giving all the food we collect to Las Vegas Rescue Mission as before in  2012.

We're Always Having Fun !

Las Vegas Now Has Excursions & Tours For Children,Teens & Young Adults

Yes ! You Heard It RIGHT ! Las Vegas Now Has Excursions & Sightseeing Tours for Children, Teens & Young Adults This Youth Organization " Little Visitors of Vegas Inc " Has Been Doing BIG THINGS In Las Vegas, Helping The Disadvantaged Youth in The Las Vegas Community for Years ! Here's a little more about this exceptional Youth Organization, We Love The Las Vegas Community and we offer our support to well deserving non - profit organizations when ever possible, At this time we are donating $1 from every tour sale from now till thanksgiving, to the " Children's Heart Foundation " in Las Vegas. " Little Visitors of Vegas Inc " Will Be Hosting a Food Drive Again This Year To Help Feed The Homeless. Giving all The Food Boxes That We Collect To: " The Las Vegas Rescue Mission " Working with The Las Vegas Board Of Education Again This Year! Hoping For Just As Much Success as The Past Year! Making Thanks Giving Dinner Possible For Those That Are In Need ! _ We Are Also Proud To Announce That " Our Youth Organization " Have Entered The Intuit Contest For Small Businesses. All We Ask Is That You Please VOTE for Us ! If Were Lucky Enough We Could Win Our Very Own Commercial ! Go Here To VOTE FOR US HERE ! You Can Only VOTE ONCE A DAY ! WE NEED YOUR HELP !

Independent Las Vegas Youth July 4th

Independent Youth in Las Vegas!

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