Las Vegas Kids Creating Spectacular Vacation Memories !

S.A.F.E.T.Y. 1st.

Step into my shoes,
A Las Vegas Vacation,
From a kids, point of view,
Exciting Adventures, Day After Day,
Try, Little Visitors, I can have Fun & Play
You can do, The Things Adults Do All Day !


Things to do for kids in Vegas ?

Las Vegas is well known as “The Entertainment Capital of The World” one of the most traveled destinations in America. With over 50 million visitors per year coming from all over the world.
More than half are parents traveling with their children teens and young adults.

Las Vegas Visiting Parents
Las Vegas 1st. Youth Orientated Excursion & Tour Service " Little Visitors of Vegas Inc." As young entrepreneurs of today, creating entrepreneurs of tomorrow we will provide our area youth, with work and leadership development skills, in the field of travel services, As an positive influence for the future of Las Vegas youth. By promoting other businesses and services in our area. Were " The Little Visitors of Vegas Inc " Were Going Places ! And yes! We Will Take You there ! We've come realize that there's a major problem here in Las Vegas, Nevada. That has been over - looked for many years. We believe that we have " The Answer" problem solved! We are The First Youth Organization. Made for the visiting youth, Staffed by the local youth, and the first operation of its kind. A Youth Adventure, Sightseeing, Excursion and Tour Service Center. This is an much needed out-let for the visiting youth that are finding their self with No Where Else to Go! While visiting our city by providing transportation and offering entertainment and mentally stimulating activities. We think that this venture will make us all stronger as a group of entrepreneurial spirited individuals, To bring about change to the Las Vegas communities. Contact: 1-877-278-4848 ex. 1
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The overwhelming majority of People who decided to visit Las Vegas as an travel destination have second thoughts about bringing the kids along. A fact that speaks volumes about the validity of our operation.
“Little Visitors of Vegas Inc.”
Las Vegas 1st. Youth Adventure, Sightseeing, Excursions and Tour Service.
Made for the visiting youth, Designed and carried out by Las Vegas youngest entrepreneurs with adults serving as leaders.

By offering assistance with their vacation experience, with a wide variety of our very affordable
Themed Tour Packages & Excursions. This Youth group is the 1st Black Owned and Operated Youth Excursion Service, and have had to jump over many hurdles to get where we are today.
A task that started over 10 years ago.
At The United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC.
From a Discloser Document # 514696 this form was filed there on July 8, 2002.

So, This Organization is not an fly-by nite operation, and has been carefully planned
Our Team, have been carefully constructed as founder and co- founders of this youth group.
A unique group of entrepreneurial spirited individuals, that have conducted a group survey
Over the past 5 yrs. Our group as led a extensive consortium of the cities public and private service organizations in a comprehensive inventory and assessment of the needs of our local as well as visiting teens, The available services for area youth and the connection or lack there of between the two.

We’ve come to realize that there’s a major problem here in Las Vegas, And that it has been over-looked for many years. We’re Las Vegas Youth Addressing Adult Issues Head On !
We believe that we have “ The Answer” to the problems, we are the first and only operation of its kind,

The Mind - It's Terrible Thing to Waste - Las Vegas Kids Mind Stimulators

While on vacation in lasvegas, we keep the minds stimulated ,mentally stimulating activities teens will love their choices, Teckee Teens, Chess Challenged ,and for the Teen Golfer's Tee'd Off,

things for teens in vegas

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